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Can someone please tell me why people are complaining about Linda and Dean’s rape storyline in Eastenders? Is it because the public are too naive to watch something that happens to people every day? Or is it because it’s too ‘horrific’ to watch? 

No. Horrific is experiencing rape, abuse or even harassment. Watching it on a soap opera is eye opening. The idea of sharing a story like this isn’t to gather complaints from ignorant members of the public, it’s to open their eyes to something that happens to people every day right under their noses. 

Earlier this year Hollyoaks did a rape storyline with male character, John Paul. Yet noone complained. Why? Let me guess. It’s male rape. Noone ever talks about male rape. It was a hate crime; he’s gay. GO PRIDE. Whatever. I’m in full support of the gay community but whether you’re a man, woman, gay, straight, rape is rape and it is no more severe than any other account of rape. So why is a female being raped so disturbing? 

The scenes aired weren’t even revealing. They were quite pleasant in comparison to some soaps. What about films such as, ‘Boys Don’t Cry’. That rape was horrible to watch, and it won so many awards. 

Rape needs to be discussed on shows like this to make people see sense and educate all the naive parents’ children. Teach your kids the rules of consent because too many boys and girls don’t appreciate other people’s morals these days. 

It can be as simple as touching you when you don’t want the attention. It’s still assault and harassment. If you aren’t given any form of consent to continue, fucking stop. Seriously. It doesn’t matter if she/he doesn’t say no, if she/he says nothing and does nothing… you stop. Fucking morons. It doesn’t matter if she/he’s ”sleeping”, it’s fucked up. Odds are, they weren’t asleep and were suffering while you thought of yourself. 

I’ve never felt so strongly about something like this before for my own personal reasons. If you, or someone you know experience this, talk to someone. 

It mentally scars people and can ruin future relationships. So don’t be a dick, keep it in your pants and have that awkward conversation before you get arrested for being no good sex pest like a majority of the community these days.